Tipton Associates’ approach to planning is much more that space allocation. It’s about helping a community acknowledge and appreciate their shared history while looking to the future.

An approach that works

Whether you need a Master Plan for bringing a community together, a Campus Plan that puts students in fun and creative mindsets, or a Regional Plan that deals with long-term growth and changing landscapes, the approach to planning is the same. We start by creating teams, both in the community and within the office. No one person has all the information but together we can come to the smartest decisions.

It's about community

Planning is about understanding the community and helping them grow a shared vision about what is possible. Done well, an effective plan not only reimagines a space, but it helps the community hold on to what works and let go of what does not. It is about genuinely engaging with people and teaming up to collectively solve the challenges facing the community.

Designing on principles

Tipton Associates starts every planning project by working with you to understand the community, especially its shared heritage, issues, and aspirations. Invariably there are things that work in a community, and things that no longer function well. The successful planning exercise starts there, engaging stakeholders in the process, and creates a meaningful transition to something new, while maintaining that foundational heritage.

Feasibility depends on perspective

Anything is feasible with unlimited resources and no restrictions. But the reality is that when you work in a community, change can be challenging. People want to hold on to things that make them feel comfortable. The key to success is getting to shared core values, beliefs, and vision, and then building on that foundation with creative and practical solutions to carry the community forward.