Studio Culture

At Tipton Associates our people – unified by our mission to enhance quality of life – are our most important asset. Through the growth and innovation of our practice, we intentionally maintain that which we value most – the shared mission and values that foster our studio culture.


By design, we work in an open, door-free studio environment where senior, intermediate and new team members work collaboratively as interdisciplinary project teams true to our core values of inclusion, engagement, stewardship and relationships. Frequent charrettes, informal meetings, and open lines of communication are our norm.


We begin each week with Monday morning meetings to celebrate personal and professional successes and share lessons learned. Family style Thursday lunches bring the team back together for charrettes, learning, or creative activities. The entire staff visits project sites for hands-on review of design and construction issues. Annual events include family and community outreach activities and open house participation in Mid City’s White Light Night.


We support participation in professional and community organizations for personal and professional growth and development. We believe that each of us are both lifelong learners and teachers and we aspire to provide a platform for leaders to emerge by virtue of their own aspirations. Staff Scholarships are available to support exploration, research, and/or travel for professional development.


We tell our clients that we don’t want to work for them, we want to work with them. We take the same approach when bringing new talent to our team. We proactively seek clients and design partners with similar values and missions, and aspire to work as a collaborative team both inside and outside the office.