Create a Memorable, Smart Place ...

Our architecture firm is dedicated to your vision.

The Tipton Associates credo is that architecture is ultimately the expression of our clients’ aspirations. Consequently, we don’t enter into relationships lightly. We look for ways to connect our passion with yours, so that architecture becomes a means to a much greater end – to inspire and enhance the quality of life and capabilities of the people it was designed for.

Your Mission Guides the Project.

If you have a dream, architecture seeks out the best expression of your mission and passions. By establishing Guiding Principles at the outset, we build a shared focus, allowing everyone to work toward the same goal.

We begin and end with People.

Architecture is ultimately about people, not bricks and mortar. Our passion is to create memorable places where people want to live, linger, work, and play. As a team, we never forget that the people who use the buildings we design – no matter how they use it – are ultimately who we are working for.

More than Green.

Sustainability is not just about being “green.” It is about designing smart solutions that meet your short-term and long-term objectives. It is about creating buildings that are easy and inexpensive to maintain, healthy to live and work in, and that last. It is also about being there for you after you move in to make sure that our designs are meeting all of your aspirations.

Technology Matters.

The buildings that serve as Tipton Associates’ legacy were all designed using the best technology, training, and materials available. Every team member at our architecture firm continues to employ that approach today in everything they do. We team with you and all of the suppliers to find the best solution to each challenge, from integration with the landscape and neighborhood, to energy and water consumption, to building and finish materials.

Our Interdisciplinary Team Benefits Your Building.

When a new project comes into our office, we match skills to project opportunities. By building diverse teams at our architecture firm, we expand our perspective and possibilities through research, unique experience, best practices, and proven track records. We infuse the team with your mission and aspirations and challenge them to find solutions that will be of lasting impact.

We get involved.

We specialize in helping people who are making a difference, by taking their vision from ideas and concepts to something everybody can see and touch. We have helped many of our clients and partners find the best site for their new building and have inspired their teams and supporters by giving them something to focus on and rally behind.

Projects create relationships.

Our approach and process to each project makes it impossible for us to not admire and appreciate each other by the end. This could explain why so many of our clients continue to work with us as an architecture firm throughout the years and even decades. We are not looking to do a job; we aspire to create long-term relationships around shared aspirations, missions, and passions. If this sounds like what you are looking for get in touch!