Over the past eight years, the team has completed over $55 million of uniquely designed facilities that will serve our campus for many years. From the beginning, the team engaged a wide range of individuals from the campus community to conduct focus groups that determined our unique design features. These exercises yielded a consensus on the campus and ultimately resulted in award-winning design. In addition, every phase of the construction process was delivered in the allotted time, within the budget, and with craftsmanship that exceeded our expectation.”

— Dr. James King, Vice President Student Affairs

From a government and policy perspective, we are extremely pleased with the final product. The consulting team managed many public and committee meetings on the way to adoption of plan WEST. The total amount of time to complete the plan document was one year and everything was done within budget and with ample public participation. The plan itself identifies over seventy (70) action items for us to move forward with as we enter into the implementation phase.”

— Riley Berthelot, Parish President

This design masterfully blended the existing facility, both physically and programmatically, to the new. We now have a venue for a wide array of activities that appeal to a diverse student body.  The impact of this new campus icon was immediate and will be felt for many years to come.”

— Dr. James King, Vice President Student Affairs

It is often described as stunning and perfectly meets the goals we set forth – a central location for program operations and a marriage of historic Beauregard Town and modern functionality. Our new facility is the perfect space for staff and volunteers to coordinate their advocacy for abused children.”

— Liz Betz, Executive Director

Ken and his Team have been tireless in their dedication to seeing our project through to conclusion with solid ideas and plans to get the answers and direction we sought. We liked the fact that Ken takes a practical approach to projects. He is sensitive to costs, not only of the process, but having a plan that you can actually afford to put into reality when you finish. Our City has already improved and in a better position for the future and we haven’t even finished the process yet.”

— Mayor Dan Hollingsworth

Embracing its location and inviting patrons to participate in their surroundings, the ultimate product is a true success story – the concept of “library in the park” translated into a reality not only connects the library visually and physically with its environs but engages the public in an exciting new way.”

— Mary Stein, Assistant Library Director, Administrative Services

Cost has been an overriding consideration for us and I have been harsh in my demands that the firm stay within budgets. There have been many times that I wished that we had more funds; however, everyone has always been pleased with the outcome of the renovations and new construction. I don’t believe one can tell the firm worked within very limited budgets and I invite you to visit our high school and middle school to see first hand the quality of their work.”

— Dr. Jim Wharton, LSU Chancellor Emeritus

Our goals included a space that functionally and visually marries the existing museum and new planetarium, a theatre accommodating new technologies, and architecture that invites passers-by. The architects found creative and attractive solutions. In two weeks, we served 13,000 visitors in stimulating, yet soothing elegant environments.”

— Carol Gikas, Executive Director

Designed to reflect patron community pride, its dramatic blend of light and scale balances strong lines, bold angles, and technological advances with warm light and the ageless appeal of books in a welcoming, easily understood, functional space prompting patrons to exclaim, “who would’ve thought we’d have something this fine.”

— Mary Stein, East Baton Rouge Parish Library Assistant Director

Tipton Associates demonstrated a quality design process of development beginning with a community workshop over three days. The input of all parties was taken into consideration in the full development of the physical plant and philosophy of the school concept. The firm held the highest of integrity in all aspects of the project. Their process from concept to development and completion was an exceptional experience for all of us, and their expertise in taking a concept from the “mind’s eye” and developing it into a breathing, functioning space that houses a unique learning environment is superior. This group took a dream and made it an outstanding reality.”

— Linda Boswell Bordelon, CEO, Bordelon Consulting

When we decided to build our first free-standing EMS substations, we knew we wanted facilities that would be as unique as the services provided by our Paramedics. [Tipton Associates] spent a lot of time trying to figure out exactly what our needs were and the image we wanted to reflect. These facilities far exceeded our expectations.”

— Pam Porter, Administrator

Our mission when we started out was to create a space which fosters creativity in a collaborative environment, shaped by the tenant community. The variety of spaces achieves this by balancing color and light with modern architectural forms, inviting furnishings, and the building’s own historic details from the 1930s.”

— John Jackson, CEO