City of Ruston Comprehensive Plan “Ruston 21”

Partnership with ABW Architects and Sasaki

Citizen based process to create & actualize city-wide vision currently in implementation

In 2008, the city embarked on its citizen-based planning process, Ruston 21. It organized groups to be concerned with the vision, land use, infrastructure investment, and economic development of the city. These studies were concerned with each of the city’s four quadrants and the central district which literally defines the crossroads of the city’s identity. Ruston’s growth in recent decades had migrated away from the city core to the north part of town, resulting in a pattern of disinvestment around its university, and its central business district. Ruston 21 was a community based effort organized to create and actualize a vision for the entire city. Their most pressing concern is in reversing the decay of declining neighborhoods. Tipton Associates and Sasaki Associates worked to generate the strategies and physical plans to spark this outcome.

Ken and his Team have been tireless in their dedication to seeing our project through to conclusion with solid ideas and plans to get the answers and direction we sought. We liked the fact that Ken takes a practical approach to projects. He is sensitive to costs, not only of the process, but having a plan that you can actually afford to put into reality when you finish. Our City has already improved and in a better position for the future and we haven’t even finished the process yet.

- Mayor Dan Hollingsworth

LocationRuston, LA

ClientCity of Ruston

ServicesComprehensive Master Planning

Completion Date2010

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