Meet the good neighbors making positive change in Mid City

Each year, we collaborate with Mid City Redevelopment Alliance on the Mid City Neighborhood Challenge, a friendly competition among Baton Rouge residents. Groups engage in grassroots campaigns to improve a property in their own neighborhood. All projects and volunteer participation are organized by the neighborhood group with materials and supplies provided by Mid City Redevelopment Alliance (MCRA) and grant awards provided by Tipton Associates.

Garden District (left) and Poets Corner (right) were among the six participants in this year’s Mid City Neighborhood Challenge.

With this support, the people who know a place best make small but pivotal changes. This year, a record six neighborhoods received $1,000 each. Some projects are phased and will take more time, and we admire the commitment and ambition! As you drive around Mid City, be on the lookout for:

  1. Garden District (complete): Planted 39 trees along medians and in yards throughout the neighborhood. Read more about the neighborhood’s effort here.
  2. Poet’s Corner (complete): Selected one family and fixed their front porch, rerouted drainage, and updated plantings in front yard.
  3. Broussard (in progress): Place neighborhood sign and low maintenance greenery at corner of S. Acadian and Claycut.
  4. Easy Town (planting in progress): Beautification planting and updating of neighborhood sign on prominent street near neighborhood park.
  5. Goodwood (phased project): Adding address plaques to every house on the street level for deliveries and emergency services. They have hired a graphic designer to design the standard sign and will produce them next year.
  6. Greenville Extension/Eden Park (in progress): Beautification planting

Thank you to all your participating neighborhoods! We’re excited to see the difference you’re making. See you again next spring for the 2024 challenge.

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