See the transformations of the Servery and the Cove at Southwestern University

At Southwestern University, renovations to the dining spaces create culinary theater for the campus community. The open concepts, enhanced displays, branded graphics, and beautiful floor tiles dazzle guests, who can customize their meals and and gather inside or outdoors to enjoy campus views. According to the University:

Inside the Servery, students are greeted by an inviting and cozy atmosphere where gorgeous new floor tiles showcase a sophisticated and contemporary space. The most striking change is the open-concept kitchen that puts the Servery’s culinary magic on full display. Another major transformation is removing the wall where drinks and ice cream were located, allowing students to enjoy the breathtaking view of campus through the floor-to-ceiling windows. Additionally, once a mere appliance, the pizza oven is now an impressive brick oven, where specialty pizzas will be served using in-house dough.

Read more about the renovation here.

Video credit: Southwestern University/Todd White

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