IT director Chris Polk featured in “Entrepreneur”

Our design work takes us into campuses and communities throughout the country. Staying connected is vital. We give the reins to our IT director, Chris Polk, to make sure we can ride out any adverse event.

Recently, Entrepreneur magazine shone a light on Chris and his determination to get us back online through floods, hurricanes, and errant gardeners. What are the challenges faced by the IT director of a busy architecture firm? And why did we choose Verizon to get us back online after Hurricane Ida?

In 2016, when a flood hit Baton Rouge, La., Tipton Associates, a 33-employee architectural firm, lost its cellular and internet services. With building projects at universities spread across multiple states, communications between personnel was essential to keep the business viable. The flooding made it impossible, and its wireless provider at the time was unable to determine when service would be back up.

Our team members, our clients, and our colleagues are grateful to Chris for his forward-thinking solutions. Learn more about Chris and his role at Tipton here.

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