Partner Erin Morgan graduates from Leadership Academy

What does an architecture firm have in common with  a dairy farm, a hospital, a bank, or even a dance studio?

We’re all local companies seeing the benefit of the Business Report Executive Leadership Academy.

This fall, Tipton Associates partner Erin Morgan was selected to participate in the Leadership Academy, where she joined a small but diverse group of area professionals for an intensive five-week program. “There was a wide range of perspectives,” said Erin. “A lot of what you learn is from talking to the other students.”

As a firm partner and head of our dedicated Foodservice Studio, Erin oversees projects on campuses across the country. She previously worked in Houston and Atlanta before returning to Baton Rouge, where she mentors our studio architects as we pursue forward-thinking and market-leading work in foodservice design.

At the Leadership Academy, which was founded by Louisiana Business, Inc. president Julio Melara, Erin learned “people are people, and business is business.” Participants are paired up with complete opposites, in industries and attitudes, to talk through different subjects, including running a business and managing employees. Everyone receives a Hogan Leadership Assessment, too; the in-depth test gives insight into strengths and weaknesses in leadership. “I learned I’m very good at multi-tasking,” said Erin, “but that I’ve got to realize that most people won’t handle multitasking the same way.”

The assessment will be a valuable reference point as Erin continues to helm our fast-paced, cross-country projects. And she’s committed to remaining in touch with her fellow alumni, to continue the conversations. “I was looking for an opportunity to start to build a broader network in Baton Rouge, outside of Tipton and architecture,” said Erin. “When you know more people, you have more support and experience to call on when challenges arise.”

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