Fabie Derbigny named an Emerging Professional in interior design

Louisiana State Board of Interior Designers has named Fabie Derbigny the 2020 Emerging Professional.

At Tipton, Fabie works closely with clients in healthcare, hospitality, higher education, senior living, and K-12. She leads the Interior Design studio in award-winning projects throughout the state and across the southeast.

Interior design is not just about selecting the perfect color or an eye-catching fabric. Even under normal circumstances, the industry is responsible for crucial considerations within a space, often protecting public dollars and private investments in the process. And as we forge forward after a highly unusual year, we rely on interior designers like Fabie to thoughtfully adapt and enhance the spaces in which we gather.

The spaces remain thrilling to clients for years to come. “This was not a ‘designer talks, client listens and critiques’ type of interaction,” said John Jackson of Creative Bloc. The historic renovation of this downtown property won a 2015 Gold Rose Award (AIA Baton Rouge), a 2016 IDEA Award (IIDA Delta Regional), and a 2016 Good Growth Award (Baton Rouge Growth Coalition).

Fabie’s flair and flexibility in the design process took the project to a new level. ““Creative Bloc is full of color, textures, and distinctive details that only come from collaboration and the willingness to explore what’s possible.” The interactive studio atmosphere of Tipton Associates has been instrumental to her growth and success, she says. “From day one, I have had a plethora of knowledge and expertise at my fingertips. I wouldn’t be the professional I am today without the unwavering support of my team.” Derbigny uses her seat at the table to advocate for interior design in the field of commercial architecture. “I can highlight the value and perspective we bring.”

Outside of the office, she is highly involved in the local interior design community, both as President-Elect of the International Interior Design Association (IIDA) Delta Regional Chapter and as a mentor to students at the LSU School of Interior Design. She organizes activities including the IIDA Firm Hops, allowing students to visit design firms, the EMPOWER speaker series, and LSU Software Workshops.

“Every year I am more impressed with the quality of work coming from Interior Design students at Louisiana universities,” says Derbigny. “It’s so exciting to see how they embrace technology to channel their growing design perspectives. I remember needing that resource to get ideas out of my head and onto paper in an efficient, cohesive manner.”

Making connections with fellow designers helps Derbigny maintain her passion for design. “Burnout is real!” she says. “You need like-minded professionals—and friends—to remind you of the reason behind what you do and why you keep doing it.”

To get in touch with Fabie, email us at info@tipton-associates.com.

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