“Park Place” Student Housing, LA Tech University

Joint Venture with Ashe Broussard Weinzettle Architects

New $17 million apartment style student housing of 550 beds

This project was a Joint Venture of the Tipton Associates/ABW Architects team. Park Place student housing added 348 additional beds to the new campus housing community. Opened to students in August 2009, it was designed as a catalyst for denser urban development to join the campus to downtown Ruston. The five unique unit types support a diverse student resident population which includes both undergraduate and graduate level students.

Over the past eight years, the team has completed over $55 million of uniquely designed facilities that will serve our campus for many years. From the beginning, the team engaged a wide range of individuals from the campus community to conduct focus groups that determined our unique design features. These exercises yielded a consensus on the campus and ultimately resulted in award-winning design. In addition, every phase of the construction process was delivered in the allotted time, within the budget, and with craftsmanship that exceeded our expectation.

- Dr. James King

Vice President Student Affairs

LocationRuston, LA

Area117,545 sf

Construction Cost$17.5 million

Tipton Associates

Architecture Planning Interiors

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