Community Park, City of New Roads

Partnership with Joseph Furr Design Studio

Master plan design and implementation for new muti-use park to revitalize abandoned area

Tipton Associates was tasked by the City of New Roads to design a new Community Park. After exploration of multiple potential sites and community meetings to determine prefered location, a site was selected to transform a blighted and abandoned area of the city located within the most densely populated part of the city. An abandoned Cotton Oil Mill was re-purposed and brought back into use as an open-air market, now a popular location for community events. Through community meetings, a new location for the football field was determined and opened September 2012. A skate park, splash park, and great lawn with walking trails are under construction. The thorough and openly engaging planning process led to the ultimate design with ample parking and shared amenities such as infrastructure and restrooms were optimized.

LocationNew Roads, LA

Area12.5 acres

ClientCity of New Roads

ServicesMaster Planning, Design & Implementation

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