Fairuz Sowma

Architectural Associate

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Fairuz channels a lifelong relationship with art into her career as an architect, with a particular preference for commercial and hospitality design.

Her parents fostered her early interest in art: buying art supplies, taking her to exhibitions, traveling the world to visit museums, and signing up for art competitions to hone her skills. Fairuz also remembers a curiosity when driving past houses: what did the spaces inside look like? Her father, working in the construction industry, introduced her to architecture. When faced with the choice between becoming an artist or an architect, she ultimately chose the latter.

Fairuz travels often, learning about different culture, food, and architecture. She most values her family and honesty. In her free time, she works out, paints and plays board games.


* denotes work completed prior to joining Tipton Associates

EducationBachelor of Architecture, Louisiana State University, 2023

ExperienceJoined Tipton in July 2023

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