2019 Mid City Neighborhood Challenge

Our annual contest with Mid City Redevelopment Alliance had its biggest year yet

How are you improving your place? Each year, Tipton Associates partners with the local non-profit Mid City Redevelopment Alliance for the Neighborhood Challenge. Participating Mid City neighborhoods receive $1,000 to put toward a beautification project. In our greatest turn-out yet, six neighborhood organizations took the challenge this year, including Goodwood Property Owners Association, Longwood Court Homeowner Association, Bernard Terrace Civic Association, Melrose East Subdivision, Broussard Oaks Civic Association, and Capital Heights Neighborhood Association. After careful review by our judges, Longwood Court Homeowner Association emerged as the winner.

Up and down Longwood Court, residents and passersby all now benefit from the beauty of newly planted elm trees. “The neighborhood civic association got together to put up those trees,” said Symphony Malveaux, volunteer coordinator for Mid City Redevelopment Alliance. “They met with their neighbors too.” Malveaux added that the group reached out to MCRA for resources, tools, and connections to local companies as they embarked on beautification efforts. The award was presented to members of the Longwood Court Homeowner Association on Friday, November 22, ahead of Mid City’s vibrant art hop, White Light Night. “The neighborhood was really motivated to get out there and help,” said Jeffrey Leuenberger of Longwood.

Beauty is on the rise in Mid City, whether it’s part of Neighborhood Challenge projects to add new signage, plantings, and recreation opportunities in formerly underserved areas or the continued growth from roots sown by MCRA. “Communities can come together to improve their state of life,” said Malveaux, who specializes in “creating not just volunteer projects, but volunteer experiences” which extend beyond the work of one morning into an improved outlook for the whole community. Learn more about Mid City’s ongoing community-driven growth at midcityredevelopment.org.

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