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Michael traces his interest in space making back to video games he played as a child, elevating the looks and functions of cities, houses, villages, and theme parks. Home improvement projects tackled with his father connected him with unique solutions and the frustrating but rewarding process of creating.

As an architect, Michael gravitates toward urban/community design and its ability to provide solutions at multiple scales, from whole communities to individuals. The methods are complex, but comprehensible by end users. Success relies on knowledge of the people for whom you design.

Michael interned in the LSU Coastal Ecosystem Design Studio, working in an interdisciplinary environment with Coastal Protection Restoration Authority officials, ecologists, designers, politicians, and anthropologists.

Born and raised in Baton Rouge, Michael values the diversity of Louisiana’s history and culture and the rich blend seen in cities, dance, music, art, and stories. He’s particularly interested in food and its power to influence and connect across cultures and landscapes. He spends all his free time rock climbing, having only recently overcome his lifelong fear of heights. “Now it’s  become all I can think about,” said Michael. “It is a form of exercise that really engages your critical thinking as well as physical ability. There’s so many people in the rock climbing community I have met that have become amazing friends and great motivators. It’s a great way to see the beautiful outdoors and stay in shape.”


* denotes work completed prior to joining Tipton Associates

EducationBachelor of Architecture, Louisiana State University, 2023

ExperienceJoined Tipton in August 2023

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