Sarah Stafford

, Associate AIA

Professional Architectural Intern

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Sarah enjoys creating for others—and for herself too. At work, she enjoys collaborations with her dining studio teammates. After hours, she restores her century-old home: building (or rebuilding) furniture, an outdoor garden shed, and a masonry fireplace, among other tasks.

Sarah’s hobbies include sketching, painting, making, baking, and other hands-on activities. Before she joined the Tipton team, she worked in graphic design, including print, logo creation, digital art, and animation, as well as 3D printing. She finds endless excitement in the process of a design evolving from an abstract idea into a finished product.

* denotes work completed prior to joining Tipton Associates

EducationMaster of Architecture, Louisiana State University, 2020
Master of Communication, Southeastern Louisiana University, 2015
Bachelor of Communication, Louisiana State University, 2013

ExperienceJoined Tipton Associates in September 2020

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