Istrouma High School Renovations

Renovation of the 120,000 square-foot Istrouma High School campus including more than 15,000 square feet of new space.

Built in 1951 the reinvented Istrouma High School, designed to accommodate 1,200 students, included renovation of the 120,000 square-foot campus including more than 15,000 square feet of new space. The project’s scope of work consisted of interior renovations to restrooms, classrooms, faculty and staff areas, utility and commons areas, including electrical, HVAC and plumbing additions and upgrades. Renovations and additions to the Commons Building which includes new dining area and food service support spaces with new kitchen equipment and walk-in cooler/freezer. New band and choir spaces are also included. Renovations to the Gymnasium with renovated locker rooms and a new weight training addition. Security and fire alarm system enhancements. Replacement of all exterior doors and windows; reworking roof; installing new pavement, walkways, pedestrian canopies and neighborhood sensitive fencing. Improvements to the athletic fields with new
walkways, site lighting, and concession buildings.


Baton Rouge, LA


135,000 sf

Construction Cost

$24 Million


  • 2018 Good Growth Award